BETTER Products are built by BETTER Teams

We believe in long-term partnership cooperation relationships between Better Soft Services Team and our partners. That is why we offer customized, flexible models of cooperation based on agile implementation methods.

Who we are

Our specialists are experts in their field, with creative mindset and perfectionists approach. They focus on the result and completing the task on time. They enjoy working together but they also like to spend free time together playing games or taking part in charity events. Being passionate about work, life and people – it’s our characteristic

How we deliver value

We have a workflow which is based on Scrum framework. The undeniable advantage of such a workflow is the involvement of business in the product development, fast delivery of increments, transparency and adaptation to changes.

1. Discover

The whole process begins with the discovery phase, where we listen to you carefully to gain a deeper understanding of your project’s requirements. Collected information and your feedback will allow us to determine resources, team structure, timeline, and prepare the roadmap.

2. Design

In the second step, we purpose of an app’s design is to deliver seamless and effortless user experiences with a polished look. In cooperation with you, we look for the perfect solutions to create sketches, mockups, or prototypes.

3. Development

At this stage, we have to define the technical architecture, pick a technology stack, and determine the development milestones.

Our solutions and design concepts come to life!

4. Deploy

Before launching your application, we conduct thorough quality assurance (QA) tests process that makes applications stable, usable, and secure. We make sure that our solutions perfectly meet your guidelines and meet the highest standards of code quality.
This process can be repeated in one or two-week sprints to make sure, that all corrections are made.

Success! Now it’s time to show your app to the world.

5. Iterate

All above processes are subject to iterations. Iterations are predefined timeframes, during which a portion of work or a task is done. It is a perfect solution for both of us to quickly implement changes, feedback, and your suggestions to the project.

About us

Better SoftServices in numbers








Our Values


We always keep our word. We respect our obligations and take responsibility for them.

Proud of work

With every little piece of work we are proud of what we deliver. Best quality is our main interest and satisfaction of our partners is above all.


Open, honest and two-way communication is the key to understanding and mutual trust. We are transparent in all our activities.

Team Players

We share our knowledge, believing that we can learn from each other. We can achieve more by working together. Together, we focus on goals.

Constant Improvement

The foundation of our approach is continuous improvement of the whole processes. With each new problem resolved, improvement reaches a new level and becomes the standard.

Work balance

We provide space for self-fulfillment and our common passions. Thanks to this, we can share the enthusiasm for what we do and who we are at work and in life.


Key people

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