The rising popularity of Flutter 

The popularity of Flutter has been growing since Google introduced it in 2017. According to Statista in 2021 it became the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by global developers. The survey conducted by Statista on 31,743 respondents shows, that over 42 percent of software developers choose Flutter when it comes to cross-platform mobile app development. The second most popular cross-platform mobile framework was React Native (in previous years, leader of the ranking), and the third place went to Cordova equally with Ionic.

Famous applications made in Flutter

For a relatively new framework, many tech businesses saw great opportunities coming from its use and started to incorporate it into their development strategy. Let’s take a closer look at their histories and their motivation for choosing Flutter for cross-platform development.

1. Google Ads

Our list must be opened by the application made by the creator itself. Google not only presents Flutter framework to the world but also proves its usefulness in practice, by creating a cross-platform Google Ads application. Contrary to the previous version, it offers better campaign managers’ interface insight and alerts. It also allows you to make changes to your campaigns and contact Google experts from the application.

Additionally, Google Assistant and Stadia are also being developed in Flutter.

2. eBay Motors app

The eBay Motors app delivers new ways to buy, sell, and shop cars, trucks, motorcycles, powersports, and more, right from your phone. Software developers from eBay wrote over 220,000 lines of Dart code (Dart is a programming language used in Flutter framework) to create this app. As they described, they had previously dealt with other cross-platform frameworks, but they were unimpressed. At the beginning of 2019, they gave a chance to Flutter, since the deadline to finish the application was very ‘aggressive’. As it turned out later it was a good decision and after gaining proficiency in Flutter development, they were able to increase their programming speed, compared to creating separate native apps for iOS and Android. Moreover, the team has continued to add features to the eBay Motor App at a rapid pace, such as a live chat feature and an escrow account to securely transfer funds to the seller. Flutter has not only met their expectations, but it has also exceeded them.

3. Groupon

Groupon is the next example of a global company, that decided to battle-test Flutter in their software development strategy. For those who are not familiar with Groupon, it is a web and mobile app on Android and iOS, where registered users can purchase local and travel services but also products at special prices. One of the apps for clients got over 50 million downloads and the second one for sellers is slightly smaller than 500 thousand downloads. They decided to use Flutter in the smaller, seller app, therefore, the risk of implementing new technologies was much lower. It was a big challenge because they wanted to integrate Flutter with existing solutions, instead of rewriting the application from scratch.

4. Reflectly

Another example of a great app built with Flutter is Reflectly. It’s a number 1, intelligent journal and mood tracker app, that helps you with your daily basis matters, motivates you in achieving your goals, staying mindful, and reducing anxiety. Thanks to the advanced technology, artificial intelligence can learn about our behavior and help us strengthen positive habits.

Initially, the application was written in React Native, but with the growing popularity, the problems with this framework became more and more significant. In 2018 they have abandoned React Native and after some research, decided to put their trust into a new, at that time, technology – Flutter.

After experimenting for a while, they liked the new framework so much, that they committed themselves to rewrite the entire app just in 2 months!

5. Alibaba Group – Xianyu

Xianyu is a popular customer-to-customer buy-and-sell platform for secondhand goods in China. To add a post about an item for sale all you need to do is simply enter the name, price, and the number of items you want to sell. It’s the second biggest selling platform from Alibaba Group with over 50 million downloads and 10 million active users.
They had had an already working app, so they started implementing Flutter functionalities gradually into it.

Why did this big organization like Alibaba decide to change its framework to Flutter?
Without going into details there were several reasons: ease of implementation, efficiency, flexibility, and in-built backend.


More and more tech world’s tech giants choose Flutter for their mobile cross-platform app development. It has many advantages that make it increasingly popular. At Better Soft Services we also see its great potential as we always strive to follow the latest trends. We battle-tested Flutter in many successful projects and we can honestly say that this is the technology of the future when it comes to mobile multi-platform development!

If you also want to create an application using this framework – contact us. Our team has extensive experience in working with this technology and will be happy to discuss your idea!