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case study

About ING


The founding of ING as one company was started in 1990 when the legal restrictions on mergers between insurers and banks were lifted in the Netherlands. This prompted insurance company Nationale-Nederlanden and banking company NMB Postbank Groep to enter into negotiations. The merger into Internationale Nederlanden Groep took place in 1991. The market soon abbreviated the name to I-N-G.

The company followed suit by changing the statutory name to ING Groep N.V. Since 1991, ING has developed from a Dutch company with some international business to a multinational with Dutch roots. This was achieved through a mixture of organic growth, such as the creation of ING Direct from scratch, as well as various large acquisitions.

ING is a global financial institution with a strong European base, offering retail and wholesale banking services to customers in over 40 countries. The purpose of ING is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. In 1Q2018, more than 51,000 employees (FTEs) offered services to over 37.8 million customers, of which 11.2 million are considered primary customers. ING Group shares are listed on the exchanges of Amsterdam (INGA NA, INGA.AS), Brussels and on the New York Stock Exchange (ADRs: ING US, ING.N).

ING Usługi dla Biznesu (ING UDB) established in 2013 is the operator of KsięgowośćOnLine (Accounting Online), as a response to the needs of ING’s clients, who have signaled their willingness of using accounting, staffing and payroll services.



Project Goal

ING UDB asked us to create a system dedicated to capital companies, partnerships, and capital groups. One of the greatest issues of all accounting systems is the paperwork you need to do around them. The entrepreneur should quickly and easily handle purchases, sales documents, account for business trips and execute all kinds of transfers. The goal of the project was to create a communication panel for users, in which he will be able to consult an accounting employee at once to avoid all kind of mistakes in accounting ledgers.

The ING UDB decided to meet the expectations of its clients by introducing into its offer accounting and staffing and payroll services. Accounting process, transfer management and cooperation between the company and accountancy/bank, all of that needed significant changes.

Client’s side:

  • Product Owner
  • Acceptance

Better soft services side:

  • Web Development
  • Integration with mobile app


General problem

Improving the process of document settlement for quick adding of invoices means a lot to the business. The OCR technology grows and seems to be more efficient than ever. ING wanted to use its advantages to cut the double work of scanning the document first and filling in long forms to describe every single invoice. Accounting should be comfortable and accessible quickly from anywhere and anytime. The system should remind you of the expiring payment deadlines automatically. When the end of the month comes, and you need to send the invoices to the accountant additional tasks related to traditional accounting is a problem for every business. Invoices must be sent to the accountant, in a single readable file. Delays caused by searching of archive invoices must end up immediately.

The company and accounting go hand in hand. Usually, the settlement of a business requires additional resources and specialists. Often, people who set up their business are wondering about the type of settlement. Online accounting has become increasingly popular. Using Internet accounting solutions significantly improves the workflow of the company and it is usually cheaper.


Problems Solved in the Project

UX/UI consistency with ING products and services

Communication with accounting

Adaptation of new functions to tax and banking law

Group transfers and transaction security

Confidentiality of documents


ING Accounting Online is integrated with ING online banking. This means that you can manage your company’s finances, bills, billing, accounting documents and invoices in one place. Client logs in to his bank account and he has the accounting system available through “Moje ING” section. The accounting system is with you wherever and whenever you need it most. A web app allows you to view all your finances and tasks. You can keep your documents and invoices where your money is. In one place you browse your accounts, make transfers and pay invoices.

You can check to whom and when you have to pay, and when you can expect a transfer for your services. The client has a better control over a financial liquidity and financial tasks. In the app, he can also pay invoices in a few clicks. The OCR system automatically reads the necessary data from imported invoices. The user adds an invoice file or takes a photo of it, then the system recognizes the account number, amount, payment date and other information required to post and finalize the money transfer. If he is constantly on the move and has no time to use the laptop desktop, the ING Accounting Online is available through the mobile app – Moje ING (MyING).


What Was Achieved

Integration of the created system with the InsERT system, which enables management of accounts and finances in the company has been tested and works perfectly. The connection between bank and accounting office services gives us advantages like:


Efficient monitoring of accounts receivable


Simple settlement of obligations


One tap access to credit


Data and information security

ING Accounting combines the features of a large corporation with those of a local accounting office. Thanks to this connection we’ve gained more safety, increased efficiency of financial processes, raised the quality of work, flexibility in the way the service is provided and improved individual approach to the customer by reorganizing the role of direct contact with the client. ING Accounting has implemented the standards of digitization in the areas formerly associated with paper documentation and reduced paper consumption at the same time. The app is truly eco-friendly, fast and cheaper than hiring people just to take care of papers.

Specialization is the basis for a good service, which is why ING Accounting serves only the area of accounting books. The accountants don’t deal with employee issues – ING Accounting dedicates the staffing and payroll specialists to this area. ING Accounting uses the support of experts in the area of tax and legal consultancy and constantly train its employees. We have reduced the number of steps needed to enter documents into system by changing UX. We have also managed to reduce the number of the ING system errors and failures related to new features updates and their impact on the other parts of the system.

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