About Aero.pl

Aero.pl specializes in selling flight tickets for competitive prices for both regular and low-cost airlines. Thanks to the newest technologies in place and advanced search engines, the platform can offer the best prices for majority of airline fares worldwide. In 2003 Travelplanet.pl acquired Aero.pl and began selling flight tickets via the platform. Apart from Aero.pl, Travelplanet.pl SA group consists of the following companies: Travelplanet.pl, Hotele24.pl and Zingtravel.pl.

Member of a national group, Invia. The group operates in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Project Goal

The client wanted to refresh their web app and add new features to it. Aero was looking for a partner who would support them in software development and work closely with their in-house team. It was important to maintain good communication between both sides as the time frame was limited and the project had strong deadlines. The most important aspect from the business point of view was going live with a ready-to-go app before the high season starts.

Roles in the Project

  • Aero.pl – End Client, Product Owner, Acceptance
  • Better Software Group – Web app production and API integration

General Problem

The main assumption of the project was to modernize the web app and, in consequence, increase sales in the upcoming high season. Travel industry is a very competitive one having all kinds of websites and online retailers trying to win customers over by offering the best deals one can get. In digital age it is common for travelers to buy flight tickets or whole vacation packages online rather than at a travel agency. It’s faster and easier, not to mention cheaper because everyone can easily access different offers online and compare them – all that while being home. This is why in order to attract customers, travel business owners must keep up with the newest trends from both, technology and industry point of view. The time frame was limited and that was one of the biggest challenges and concerns of the project. The whole development and then going live with the application on time was crucial in order to succeed.

Better Software Group was responsible for visual lifting of the app. We aimed to create an attractive and intuitive web app. The development was based on the older version that was rebuilt into a modern app with a whole new graphic layout. The API was integrated with a new provider.

Problems Solved in the Project

  • One of the major challenges was lack of complete documentation, this is why it was especially important to maintain good communication flow.
  • The whole path of purchasing a flight ticket has been changed. The new web app allowed end customers not only to buy tickets easier but also to do the complimentary shopping within the app, like for example adding baggage.
  • The app needed to be accepted by GDS (Global Distribution System) and pass its certifications so while developing the app, we had to take into account specific guidelines for the travel industry.

What We Have Learnt

  • We gained valuable experience working in the aero industry. It is very complex therefore at the very beginning we had to understand the intricate industry mechanisms.
  • We proved once again that well-defined scope of work at the very beginning allows sticking to the agreed time frame and meeting deadlines. It was very important in this particular project because releasing the app before the high season starts was a must.


Changes in the web app were quite big. They applied to the whole portal, among others main page and search engine have been altered. New features have been developed, that were not available in the previous version, for example, a direct connection to Facebook profiles where Client publishes special offers and discounted deals.

Furthermore, thanks to the new app our Client was able to enhance their offer with additional option to choose from when buying a flight ticket.

What Was Achieved

We successfully released the web app and implemented new features that were not available in the previous version. Changes included adding airport distance oriented search, a +/- 3 days search margin, possibility of creating a user account where one can access all their reservation details, to and from multiple cities search, most frequently searched flights, default departure city set based on geolocation.