About IronNavi

Company Impmass sp. z o. o. had been created by the initiative of Mr. Artur Krzeczkowski. Thanks to the European Union Funds Artur and his business partner developed three mobile applications for gastronomy, tourism and sports branches including IronNavi, TouristNavi and GastroNavi. All three apps have been created with JojoMobile (currently a part of Better Software Group) support on Android platform.

Project Goal

A personal coach who trains triathletes have a very few options to control his athlete. He can, of course, make a training plan and note the results somewhere, however, making notes for a group of athletes demands good time planning and keeping data about different people in one place. To make triathlon more safe for its amateurs and professionals coach should have a full option to monitor the training session to avoid physical overload of athletes and health issues. All pieces of advice and suggestions shall be communicated to the athlete in real time otherwise they are less useful. An app should be widely used by sports professionals and amateurs. Especially important for measuring sportsmen condition progress was integrating an app with heart monitoring system. A special band is equipped with heart rate monitor and a Bluetooth communication module.

Roles in the Project

  • Impmass – Project Owner
  • Better Software Group – UX, backend, UI, Mockups, Android development

General Problem

Professional coaches didn’t have any control on the athletes during the training session. It’s very important to solve that problem because the triathletes are taking a huge risk working their bodies extreme hard. It may be very dangerous for their health and can cause serious injuries and even death. What is more, many Triathlon beginners have a limited access to a professional coach. Simultaneous control of your personal life parameters, tracking the training route and listening of a coach advises is almost impossible. Especially when you run, swim and ride a bike during a single training. You also need some extra equipment to measure pulse, breath and locate yourself on a map.

Problems Solved in the Project

  • Bluetooth communication with different heart rate monitor wristbands
  • Integrating step counters with Android system
  • Integrating GPS and step counter to make training reports more precise
  • Adding a module for listening to coach advice through the radio
  • Weather forecast feature,
  • Coach’s feedback

What We Have Learnt

  • How to connect with different types of heart pulse measuring devices with Android
  • To handle a big usage of batteries caused by GPS module
  • How to integrate GPS and a step counter to make the training reports more precise


An Android app that measures your training progress and helps to create a training plan. Your personal coach is with you during an every step of your training session. This shows how the Iron Navi motivates you to act. Choose your coach, set your individual goals and schedule. You will receive specified instructions how to train and coach’s advice in audio messages so you are able to receive and use them during the training session. Use a training demo version to choose what kind of exercises suits you best.

What Was Achieved

During the session, your mind is disturbed by a physical effort. To have someone who watches over you is priceless, especially in the moment when you need to focus on something else. Thanks to the Iron Navi, triathlon extreme training sessions and competitions have become safer than ever.